Skill Code Digits
Skill Name Skill Digits
First Aid 01
Auto Item 02
Throw 03
Cure Condition 04
Guts 05
Adept Illusion 06
Dancing Sword 07
Last Trial 08
Splash 09
Reverie 0A
Combo Counter 0B
Noise Arrow 0C
Triple Distress 0D
Steal Magic 0E
Stun Magic 0F
Concentration 10
Scarlet Edge 11
Charge 12
Strike Edge 13
Dark 14
Trick Step 15
Mental Reaction 16
Wait Reaction 17
Slanting Rain 18
Darkness Arrow 19
False Arrow 1A
Tactics 1B
Hear Noise 1C
Find Trap 1D
Survival 1E
Identify 1F
Leadership 20
Fight 21
Trick 22
March 23
Formation 24
Attack Pow 25
Defend 26
Avoid 27
Hit 28
Resist Damage 29
Magic Pow 2A
Resist Magic 2B
Monster Int 2C
Undead Int 2D
Demon Int 2E
Counter 2F

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